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Anthony Malibu is a published author and freelance writer of relationship advice and self-help. After traveling all over the United States he currently resides in central Long Island, NY.

Anthony Malibu's Blog

His step by step guide to relationship repair, Get Back With an Ex, has helped tens of thousands of men and women halt and reverse even the nastiest, most hopeless of breakups. Step by step, you’ll find exactly what you need to change the way your ex currently sees you, and get them to notice you in all new, very positive ways.

Everyone makes mistakes. The mistakes made in love are usually magnified, which is why it takes knowledge and perseverance to reverse them. I can help you with that first one. The second one though, is up to you.

This blog is dedicated to the followers and lost souls looking to get back together with the person they love most. Within it you’ll find quotes, anecdotes, actual submitted questions and real-life advice on how you can make your ex boyfriend or girlfriend want, need, and love you again.

Remember: EVERY breakup can be reversed.
The window of opportunity stays open until you allow it to close.

Get reading. You don’t have forever.

– Anthony Malibu

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