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Advice on how to win back the heart of your ex boyfriend after an unwanted breakup. Male-specific advice for women, showing exactly what will make their man want, love, and need them back in their life again.

Why Does My Ex Keep Sending Mixed Signals?

So they broke up with you… then they call you. They tell you to leave them alone, then you get a late-night text message from them…

What gives? Is your ex just doing all this to torture you, or do they really have some kind of unknown agenda in mind?

Ex Sending Mixed Signals

Mixed signals are some of the hardest things to figure out when dealing with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend. The hot-and-cold nature of speaking to someone who isn’t sure of what they want can be confusing and infuriating, not to mention the roller-coaster ride of hope and hopelessness you’re forced to go on when your ex keeps stringing you along.

The first thing to understand here is that your boyfriend or girlfriend is also going through a breakup. Just because he or she seemed sure about ending things doesn’t mean they aren’t experiencing many of the same things you are.

Heartbreak, loneliness – these things are running through your ex’s mind too. Since they’re the ones who decided to break up, the decision still weighs heavily on them, and usually for some time afterward. Even if your ex started seeing someone new, there will always be lingering emotional ties. And some of these ties will be so strong, that they feel compelled to get in touch with you, or even ask to see you again.

How to Handle it When Your Ex Calls or Texts

Any contact from your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend is almost universally a sign of interest. Unless they’re getting back in touch to pick up something they left at your place (and even sometimes then), they’re contacting you because they have a NEED for such contact. This need is fulfilled the minute you pick up the phone or text them back, so you should be very careful with how you respond. If you’re not in agreement with the breakup and really want them back? Answering them right away might seem a little needy or desperate on your part.

The worst thing you could do at this point is ‘chase’ your ex through these hot and cold moments. Because sometimes, all they want from you is the knowledge you’re still there. You’ll get ex boyfriends or girlfriends who give you the:

“Hi! Just wanted to make sure you’re okay with everything…”

This is basically for their benefit and not yours; your ex really doesn’t care much about how you’re doing at this point, but care more about whether or not you’re still ‘around’ in case they decide to call off the breakup. Whether you tell them you’re okay or NOT okay doesn’t matter. What matters is you answered them, and this is pretty much all they really wanted.

Another thing an ex will do is try to string you along with stuff like:

“I’ll always love you, but I’m just not in love with you.”

This is the equivalent of putting you on a shelf for later on. You’ve been Friend-Zoned. Put somewhere you have no power, yet still have to answer to your ex if they happen to need you for moral support, a dilemma, or just a shoulder to cry on.

Allow yourself to be put on this shelf, and you’re effectively ending any chance you might have of being with this person again. Because whenever you play the “I’ll be there for you” game, you’re only going to be there when HE or SHE needs you, and not when you need something from them.

Texting Your Ex – What to Do After the Breakup

There are a lot of texts that happen after relationships end, and you should know how to respond to them. Some texts might come off as innocent, but in reality they’re really not.

You can even use other texts to help get your ex back. These you need to know inside and out before you send them however, because not texting your ex the right thing can have big consequences that negatively affect your ability to look positive and favorable in their eyes.

Ultimately, how you handle talking to or even seeing your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend is up to you. It eventually boils down to how much you want to include them in your life, or whether you’re trying to cut them loose altogether. Each way, contact should be something you’re careful with. You’ve been hurt once, and you don’t want to get hurt again.

There are 6 Individual Steps necessary to Get Back With Your Ex Girlfriend, so find out what they are!

And for women trying to fix a breakup? Check out the same 6 steps with a slightly different perspective at How to Get Your Boyfriend Back.

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3 Things Your Ex Wants to See After the Breakup

Breakups aren’t as cut and dry as you might think they are. Just as there are two sides to every story, there are two sides to a breakup as well.

Moves After Breakup

To you, your boyfriend or girlfriend ended things abruptly. They don’t want you anymore, and they don’t want anything to do with you. The lack of communication might make things seem hopeless, as if you’ve been totally emotionally abandoned.

On your ex’s side however, things are different. While yes, they did initiate the breakup, they also had a lot more time to consider it. They started the process of letting go of you weeks, even months ago, which gives them a distinct emotional advantage over you. They’re already got used to the possibility of not continuing on with the relationship.

As a result, your ex might seem a lot colder or more distant than you really think they are toward you. This is mostly because they want to avoid you. Dealing with you right now is a tough thing for them, so don’t take it as a sign they’ve completely shed all feelings for you.

Now, when an ex leaves? They ALWAYS look back. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will inevitably glance over his or her shoulder, just to see what they left behind. And when they do? Your ex wants to see three major things:

1) Your Ex Wants to See You Miserable Without Them

Yeah, that’s right: your ex wants you to suffer. Not because they’re a bitter asshole, but because seeing you upset about losing them inflates their own ego. And the more upset you are? The more it justifies their decision. The more it makes them realize that you needed them more than they ever needed you.

This is why it’s crucial that you NOT act upset, forlorn, depressed, or any of that stuff after the breakup. Crying, pleading, “fighting for the relationship” – all that crap only cements their decision that yeah, they’re gonna be totally better off without you.

The most disconcerting thing you can do after someone dumps you? Act like nothing happened. In effect, you want to smile, say “okay”, and walk away. This creates INSTANT DOUBT on the part of your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. All of a sudden they wonder if cutting you loose was a bad idea, because obviously you didn’t need them half as much as they thought you did.

Indifference is the second-best opening move when it comes to reversing a breakup. Here’s the first one. Learn them both, because combining these two moves is going to put you in the driver’s seat later on, when it comes time to get back with your ex.

2) Your Ex Wants You to Chase Them

This one seems dead wrong, doesn’t it? Because maybe you’ve already chased your ex, and maybe they’ve already told you to go the hell away.

In truth, your ex does want you to go away… sort of. They want the freedom to tell you to piss off (because right now being around you is uncomfortable), but the comfort and security and ego-stroking happiness of knowing you’re still trying to get them back.

So the more you chase them? The more they love it. But also, the more they slip away – because chasing after your ex once he or she breaks up with you is ALWAYS a terrible idea.

3) Your Ex Wants to See You Fail

Ever walk through public and pass an ex boyfriend or girlfriend? The first thing through your mind is how they look, or sometimes more important, how the new person on their arm looks.

Without realizing it, you want that person to totally suck. You want your ex to look terrible, and for their new boyfriend or girlfriend to look like an absolute train wreck. And of course you do, because that’s just human nature.

Understand something: when you dump someone, you always want to feel as if that person would’ve been better off had they stayed with you. So when you see them thriving and doing well without you? It makes you instantly question yourself. If you broke up with them recently, it makes you want to see them… talk to them… possibly even get them back. Why? Because you just lost something of value. Something you didn’t realize was valuable until you lost it.

Applying this to your own situation, the BEST thing you can do right now is live well. Dress your best, look your best – lose weight or buy new clothes or get some new guy/girl on your arm as soon as you can. Because when your ex eventually gets wind of these things? They’re going to seriously reconsider their decision to dump you.

The 12 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After a Breakup

More often than not, fixing your breakup is less about what you do, and more about what you DON’T do. Sometimes you can get your ex to want you back by doing absolutely nothing, simply because you won’t be making any of the more lethal, romance-killing mistakes that would drive them away.

Here’s the full list of mistakes you should absolutely avoid making if you want ANY chance at reconciliation. Study them hard, and remember that just because you may have committed two or three of them doesn’t mean you can rectify things going forward.

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Ex Back Review: The Ex Factor Guide

There are a lot of Get Your Ex Back systems out there, and some of them are pretty good. A select few of them are actually great, and that’s where the Ex Factor Guide falls on the scale of being helpful, informative, and most of all, getting results.

The first thing you’ll notice about Brad Browning’s system is that it’s not one, but TWO individual guides. One is designed for men who are trying to get back with an ex girlfriend, the other is for women who want their boyfriends back. Each guide contains different information, specific to the wants and needs of each gender. Because let’s face it, all throughout every relationship men and women often find themselves wanting VERY different things.

A bit about Brad Browning: the man is a relationship expert and total wizard when it comes to the analysis – and solution – of a breakup. He treats your breakup almost as a mathematical equation, identifying cause and effect, then deriving the EXACT solution needed for your own particular relationship situation. Brad’s extensive knowledge is peppered with bits of wisdom, not only for fixing a broken romance, but for attracting and keeping members of the opposite sex.

After reading Ex Factor you’ll come away with strength, confidence, and the knowledge needed to start making positive changes to the situation that exists between you and your ex. Best of all, it works fast. In a very short time you’ll have your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend curious about you, and ultimately, needing to hear from you again.

Ex Factor Guide Videos

Another big reason Browning’s system is so popular: VIDEOS.

Aside from the more than 160+ page guide, the system also includes a series of comprehensive, no-bullshit videos starring Brad Browning himself.

These are informative and inspiring; you’ll get all kinds of tips and tricks to minimizing the damage caused when your ex broke up with you, and maximizing whatever existing feelings and emotional attachments are still there.

Yet even before that, you’ll learn to stop making common mistakes that could be destroying your chances of ever getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. This is an absolute must-see. Most of the time, people who fail to fix their breakup do so because of one thing: they made too many mistakes. In short, they shot themselves in the foot before they even had a chance at fixing things.

Outlined within this guide you’ll learn:

  • The REAL reason your girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with you (which is very often not what you think).
  • 20 Desirable characteristics that will create an instant attraction with any person of the opposite sex.
  • The 6 deadly mistakes that most people make immediately after being dumped by someone. Making too many of these can push your ex to the breaking point.
  • How long to go ‘No Contact’, and exactly what to do during this phase that will get your ex’s attention again.
  • 4 Jaw-dropping ways to make your ex jealous; using jealousy to get your ex to reconsider your value is one of the biggest lessons you can learn in getting them to want you again.
  • A comprehensive guide to contacting your ex: how to make them call YOU, when to see them, and what to say when you do start communicating with each other again.
  • Examples of what you should be texting your ex, and when you should send those text-messages.
  • A full-blown blueprint for your reunion date – how to reignite your exboyfriend or exgirlfriend’s original attraction for you.
  • Precisely when to seduce your ex, and how to go about using that intimacy to bring the two of you together again.

Keep in mind this is just some of the things you’ll learn in Brad’s Ex Factor Guide. All the advice you receive, and videos you watch, will be tailored specifically to gender of the person you’re trying to get back. Guys will learn exactly what most women are looking for in giving you a second shot. Girls will find a full list of things important to man, and how to use that list to make him want you as his boyfriend again, and not just as a friend or acquaintance.

You can watch Brad Browning’s free introductory videos here:

[This one for men]
[This one for women]

Make sure you check them out – there’s a ton of useful stuff packed in just these 8 minutes of information. And you’ll also get a better sense of what Brad is like; he has a way of speaking and conveying his message that’s almost addictive in his delivery.

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