Walking Away From Your Relationship Without a Fight

The first thing you should do after your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you is always the same: you walk away. You don't walk away angry, or bitter, or sulking... you don't walk away crying or begging or pleading your ex to change their mind.

Walk Away From Breakup
Your very first move: walking
away from the breakup.

No, you walk away calmly and maturely, without the slightest hint of sorrow or remorse. You close your mouth, turn your back, and take as many steps as possible without looking over your shoulder even once.

The less you give your ex here, the better off you'll be. Because the quicker you can both accept the breakup and distance yourself from your ex, the faster you can get started on actually making them miss you.

In short, the faster you walk the more control you'll keep. Stick around too long and you'll surrender all power you may have once had in the relationship. By needing your ex even after they've told you they don't need you, you're giving them all the control and destroying whatever respect they still had for you.

But in walking away? You're keeping that control and creating an atmosphere where your boyfriend or girlfriend really doesn't know what you're thinking. They don't know how you still feel toward them, and eventually, your ex won't know whether or not they can even get you back if they wanted to.

Walking away is scary to your ex. Much of the strength your boyfriend or girlfriend displays during your breakup speech lies in them knowing THEY CAN STILL GET YOU BACK. Take that away, and suddenly the breakup is as scary to them as it is to you. And even more frightening to them? Your next step:

Counter-Rejecting Your Ex During the Breakup

Striding casually away from your breakup is a pretty big move. But counter-rejection? Gigantic.

Imagine how confused and uneasy your ex will already be when you walk away from them. They were prepared for a fight - they were ready for you to argue in favor of keeping the relationship going, and they were expecting a whole list of reasons (from you) why the two of you should still be together. But instead, you shrugged and turned away. As if the relationship didn't mean that much to you in the first place.

Your ex is off-balance here, and it's time to push them over. Because to really knock them on their ass? You need to counter-reject your ex when they dump you.

You don't want to come off as bitter, and try not to be nasty. In fact, you want to be just as calm and as cool as humanly possible. When your ex breaks the news that you'll no longer be together, you want to tell them something along these lines:

"Hey, that's cool. Listen, I also happen to agree with you.
We haven't been good for a long while now, and it's probably best
if we both went our separate ways before it gets even worse."

Here's where you go one step past indifferent, and tip the balance of power back in your favor. Instead of this being a one-way breakup, you've suddenly turned it into a mutual thing. When your boyfriend or girlfriend broke up with you, you announced that you're also breaking up with them. And you didn't do it in a vindictive or vengeful way; you were totally cool and mature about it.

Reject Your Ex
Never underestimate the awesome power of rejection

At this point your ex will begin feeling something they didn't expect: rejection. Your boyfriend or girlfriend expected to be doing the dumping... they certainly didn't expect to be counter-dumped.

By NOT fighting the breakup you've actually taken all the wind out of their sails: any argument they had in favor of breaking up is no longer necessary. You're actually agreeing with their well-thought out decision, and placing yourself on their side.

Pull this off and you'll walk away from the relationship with just as much power as you had while you were still dating your ex... if not MORE. You walk away with strength and maturity, while they walk away scratching their head and wondering: "What did I do wrong? How could they take it so well? Was our relationship really all that bad, and for how long did they feel this way?"

The above two techniques might seem strange, mostly because they involve rolling with the breakup. After all, aren't you trying to get your ex BACK? Aren't you trying to stay together instead of breaking apart?

The answer is both yes and no. Yes, you're working toward getting back with your ex boyfriend or girlfriend. But no, you're not working to keep the relationship alive or trying to somehow 'save it' from impending doom. Instead, you're letting GO of your current relationship with the comforting knowledge that you'll soon be starting a brand new one.

This is the fundamental core of all scenarios where a couple ends up getting back together. You don't want to save your broken relationship; instead, you want to tear it down, throw it away, and build a NEW relationship without any cracks or flaws in it.

Your ex might even resent you trying to fix things between you, especially if they have their mind made up. Letting go of that relationship puts your boyfriend or girlfriend on uncertain ground, while eventually offering the chance for a new romance gives them something safe and familiar again.

And in many cases? Your ex will need an excuse to get back together with you. This happens when your boyfriend or girlfriend has already told friends and family about it being over between you, and doesn't want to look foolish by simply 'taking you back'. The abandoment of the broken relationship allows for this fact, and paves the way for the creation of a new one. And if you play your cards right? Your ex will believe that the new relationship is on their own terms instead of yours.

First Moves To Make if Your Breakup Already Happened

Okay, let's be a little more realistic. Because if you're here reading this right now, your breakup has obviously already happened. You may have already been given the "we're not working out" speech, and you already walked away (although probably not with too much of that control we just talked about). You're sitting at home, wondering what to do next, and trying to figure out the best course of action.

So... did you miss your opportunity to counter-reject? Did you blow your chance at walking away from the relationship instead of fighting to keep it?

Not even a little bit. Because the good news is that you can ALWAYS apply the above two techniques to your current situation, no matter how long it's been since your ex broke up with you.

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