Shortcuts to Your Ex Girfriend's Heart - Quick Ways To Win Her Back

Getting dumped is tough, but getting your ex to take you back is sometimes even tougher. For anyone suffering the pain of a break up, trying to get back together is always an option.

Get Your Girlfriend Back
Getting her back... a step by step process.

Reconciliation requires work, patience, and a level head. The road is sometimes long, but there are shortcuts you can take on the path to getting back together. Fixing your break up is all about finding and using these hidden pathways to your ex's heart.

Winning back your girlfriend is not only possible, it's a lot more likely to be successful than you might think. One of the big reasons for this is that you already have an advantage: you know her better than most. You once held a special place in her heart, and there's still love for you inside there.

Just because she ended things doesn't mean your girlfriend purged herself of every last ounce of love for you. Feelings are always going to be there, no matter how hard she might try to suppress them. Getting your ex back is all about finding these submerged feelings and bringing them back to the surface, where she's forced to face them while she's still attached.

Yet after she ends things, one of the first things that will happen is your ex will seem to avoid you. This is common, and don't take it personally. Right now she feels awkward around you, especially knowing that you're still in love with her.

By severing ties she's trying to reinforce the message that your break up is permanent... but in reality, no break up is completely permanent until one person moves on. And even if she has, there are lots of solid ways to get back an ex girlfriend who is already dating someone else.

Key Points to Getting Your Girlfriend Back

The key to getting back together with your ex lies in NOT doing the wrong things. More specifically, the wrong things include contacting her, crowding her, harassing her, demanding answers, and/or begging for your relationship back. All of these behaviors are a terrible example of what to do after a break up, and they'll almost always send your ex running off in the other direction. But even more fascinating? Over 90% of people who don't want their relationship to end exhibit these types of behaviors after a break up. Most of them can't even help themselves.

If you want to win back your ex quickly, you need to take the fast track to reconcilation. This involves a very strict "no contact" approach that most guys just can't handle. Whatever you've been doing to get your ex-girlfriend back, or how long you've been doing it, you need to stop right now and drop it. Chances are you're going about things backwards. Instead, you need to accept, agree, and move on. These three things will stop your ex in her tracks and turn her attention toward you, no matter what she's doing or who she's with.

Your First Major Step - Agreeing With and Accepting the Breakup

Agreeing with the break up is something best done immediately after she dumps you, but it can take place at any time. You need to let her know that yes, she's right, you're probably better off going your seperate ways. Wish her well, and walk away.

Accept Your Breakup
Step 1: Accepting (and not fighting) the breakup.

This will confuse your ex, because she's expecting you to fight her decision to end things. By going with it, it's almost as if you've been having the same kinds of thoughts she has, and you were getting tired of the relationship too.

Your ex will actually take offense to this! Inwardly anyway, but that's okay. When your ex breaks up with you she's effectively taking 100% of the control over your entire relationship. By agreeing with her, you're seizing some of it back. This is a huge part of making her want you again - letting her know that you're ready to have your own life, without her in it, and that you're not depending upon her for your happiness.

Your next step is to move on. Not by dating another girlfriend or calling up an old flame, but by going on with life as if nothing really bad has happened to you. Silence and indifference speak SO much louder than constantly trying to convince an ex girlfriend not to 'lose something good' or even worse, 'give you another chance'.

Since you'll have some free time, use it to take up a new hobby or spend more time on an old one. Hit the gym and improve yourself, making for a more attractive return when the time comes to reconcile. Most of all spend more time with friends - go out, have fun, and laugh things up. As word gets back to your ex that you're doing all these things, she'll wonder why you don't seem to be affected by the end of the relationship. Up until now, she always thought you needed her a lot more than she needed you. Yet now she's not so sure.

Getting on with life seemingly unaffected is one of the best ways to get back into your exgirlfriend's head. When you do it, make sure you're doing it with all the strength and confidence in the world. Not only do these behaviors reinforce the fact that you're unaffected by her dumping you, but these are also the most attractive traits a girl looks for when it comes to a guy. Crying, begging, trying to guilt your ex girlfriend into coming back to you... these are terrible behaviors that will destroy any respect your ex might've once had for you. This is why the accept and agree approach to your break up is the best way to win back your ex girlfriend: it gives her back the impression that you're something to be desired. It will make her miss you, think about you, and want you back.

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