How to Get Your Girlfriend Back - 6 Simple Tips to Fix Your Breakup

LOTS of guys will go through an unwanted breakup, and almost all of them will make some attempt at getting their ex back. But if you want to actually succeed in putting her back in your arms again? The following tips will help you get started.

Get Back an Ex Girlfriend
Want to get here again? Learn these tips to getting her back.

Winning back your girlfriend involves a series of painstakingly careful steps. Move too quickly, and you'll scare your ex off for good - causing her to run in the opposite direction. Act too slowly, and she could move on with her life without you in it.

You need to take action, but you need to do many things selectively and behind the scenes in order to put yourself in prime position to get your girlfriend back. The methods and tips below can put you in the right frame of mind for getting a second chance at your relationship.

1) Don't Fight The Break Up

The first huge blunder most guys make (and maybe you've already made) is to try and convince their girlfriends not to break up with them. If your girl is ending your relationship, she's doing it for some very specific reasons. She's not just trying to "test your love" or anything corny like that, and even if she was, would you really want that type of girl? Someone who would put you through pain just to see if you like them? Of course not. So stop kidding yourself and thinking there's any hidden or ulterior motives behind your girlfriend breaking up with you. Chances are she's sick of something, whether it be you, your lack of attention, you being overly attentive, or maybe she just wants to see what else is out there.

To keep her interested, you need to walk away without a fight. No crying, begging, or pleading for her to continue seeing you. Don't argue with her, and don't get angry or defensive when she ends things. The best thing to do? Just walk away. By agreeing with the break up, you're letting her know things haven't been right on your end either. This will make her intensely curious, because it's something she never suspected in the least.

2) Give Her Lots of Space

Another big mistake men make after a woman lets go of them: still hanging around. When the break up happens, the best thing to do is to vanish as quickly and silently as possible. The less contact you have with your ex (even secondary contact through friends), the more she's going to wonder where you are and what you're up to. By doing nothing you're implanting yourself in her head, all through a time when she still really expects to see you - or at least a reaction from you. Deny her this, and make her wonder. Keeping her looking around for you is one of the best ways to make your exgirlfriend miss you.

3) Break all Contact With Your Ex

One of the major aspects of any break up is the aftershock. Your ex is watching to see how you handle not being with her, and she's going to want to see you upset about it.

No Contact
Even afterward, your ex girlfriend
expects some level of post-breakup contact.

Is this because she wants you miserable? Not at all. What she does want however, is to see that you still love her. Whether your ex wants you back or not right now, she definitely wants to think that you still need her. It makes her feel loved, and it validates at least part of the relationship. No one wants to think they were stuck in something that meant nothing at all.

By not contacting your ex, you're giving her a distinct message: maybe you don't care. While you'd think this might be detrimental to getting back an exgirlfriend, it actually works in opposite ways.

By thinking the break up isn't really affecting you, your ex starts wondering if you needed her at all. Maybe she needed you more? Maybe she shouldn't have broken it off? All of these things will fly through a girl's head when she's not given the comfort and validation that comes with seeing you suffer.

So don't suffer. Don't let her see you upset at all. The no-contact phase is a very critical part of turning the tables, reversing how she views you, and making your ex girlfriend want you again.

4) Swear Your Friends to Silence

If you or your friends travel in the same social circles as your ex (or even worse, if you happen to work with her), you'll need to keep your friends and coworkers silent about your break up as well. If you're missing your exgirlfriend or having a hard time dealing with the end of your relationship, don't let anyone know who might compromise the situation by telling someone else. Your new policy of not communicating with your ex means that don't want anything getting back to her at all. Confide only in family and friends that you know will keep things between you and them.

5) Refuse Any Offer To Be "Friends With Your Ex"

Most times, a girl broaches the subject of a break up with those dreaded words "Let's just be friends". Many guys take this avenue out of the relationship thinking they can use it as a way back in. And guess what? It never works. The "being friends" approach to ending a relationship is nothing more than a one-way street from which you'll never return. Clinging to this lame excuse to still see your exgirlfriend will only lead to less and less contact, you falling into the black hole known as "The Friend Zone", or both. It's a sucker bet, and you should never take it.

When your now ex-girlfriend attempts to lure you into friendship she's really just trying to let you down easy. Be stronger than that. Her other motive could be even more insidious: to keep you hanging around the general vicinity of the break up just in case your ex decides she wants to get back together with you. This won't happen until she's already explored being single, seen what else is out there, and maybe even dated another guy or two... all while you're stuck in the pathetic role of being her friend. Think she's going to call you to hang out once she's found the guy she's looking for? Exactly. Which is why you should smirk when she brings up the friendship angle, say thanks but no thanks, and walk away cleanly from your break up with all of your respect intact.

6) Get On With Your Life

Perhaps the best advice for any break up, getting on with your life is one of the best things you can do for yourself, those around you, and for the ultimate goal of winning back your exgirlfriend. Women are attracted to men who are driven and who display confidence: by lamenting your break up and mourning the end of your relationship you're surrounding yourself with an aura of pity. This reeks of desperation, and it's going to make your ex lose all respect for you.

Instead, put forth a casual air of strength and confidence. By moving forward without looking back, you're going to come off as a lot more attractive. As you go out with friends, hit some old hideouts, and continue on with life as normal... it'll eventually get back to your exgirlfriend that you certainly seem to be unaffected by the break up. She's going to resent this on some levels, and question it on others. But in the end, she'll start wondering why you seem so "fine" with everything, and it'll rattle her whole opinion of the break up. Seeing you moving on before she's had a chance to reconcile things within her own head (and heart) is one of your exgirlfriend's worst fears. Bring those fears to life by displaying your own fearlessness.

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