Using Your Past History To Get Your Boyfriend Back

There are many techniques that can help win back your ex after an unwanted breakup. Yet one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal - your past history together - is often the most overlooked by women trying to get back together with an ex boyfriend.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back
Your past history: a powerful reconciliatory weapon

So your boyfriend broke things off, and left you crushed and heartbroken. Now you're sitting home alone, replaying your relationship in your mind, crying over all those good times and great things you did together that you'll never have again.

Well guess what? Those highly-cherished moments are the very things that can help put your boyfriend back in your arms.

Understand something: he's going through a breakup too. And he has the same recollections of great times and awesome things you did together. In short, just because he's now your ex boyfriend doesn't mean he's forgotten these things.

By playing upon his existing feelings and cherished memories of the two of you as a couple, you can use the past as a valuable tool to make your ex want and need you again.

Waiting Out The Cooling-Off Portion of Your Breakup

Think about it this way: time can be your best friend. As days and weeks pass by since your breakup, the memories of the fighting and arguing tend to fade away. You and your exboyfriend both have time to cool off, and eventually you start to forget what all the conflict was about in the first place.

And in the meantime? Your memories of the good times somehow get magnified. The human mind is funny like that: we tend to emphasize and glorify all the great things that have happened to us in our lives while diminishing and trying to forget about the bad ones. This is happening in your ex boyfriend's head right now, and you can use it to win him back.

Reminding Your Ex Of Why He Fell In Love With You

Remember your first date? Your first kiss? The first time you and your ex jumped into bed together? The sparks you felt back then created an intensity and chemistry that couldn't keep the two of you apart. During those magical first few weeks or months of your relationship, you and your boyfriend were probably inseparable. Everything was perfect, and nothing was wrong.

Think it can be like that again? Well it can... especially after a breakup. There are ways of subtly reminding your ex of how it used to be, without him even realizing you did anything at all. There are techniques of planting these seeds in his head again, and getting him to remember those cherished times.

Replaying Old Emotional Bonds

The trick is this: those memories are all still there - your boyfriend has just pushed them to the side and chosen to ignore them for now. In an effort to continue with the breakup, he's buried those feelings or tried to shelve them. If left alone long enough, he knows those feelings will fade. But if you know how to draw out those emotions, forcing him to deal with them again? Your ex is suddenly face-to-face with realizing just how much love he still has for you, as well as how good your relationship can be.

This is where your ex will want to see you again... this is where your phone suddenly rings, and your boyfriend's on the other end of the line. By learning these emotional reconnection techniques, you can put yourself right back into his head. From there, it becomes a whole lot easier to get your boyfriend back.

Other Tactics That Will Get Him To Want You Again

Couples get back together every single day, but they all have one thing in common: they realized they still want each other. When it comes to your ex boyfriend that realization can come very quickly, under the right circumstances.

Never leave getting back together to chance - not if you still love your boyfriend and cherish the times you had together. Your best bet is to approach your breakup with knowledge of what to do, what to say, and knowing exactly when you should be taking steps in your ex's direction. In short, nothing beats a step-by-step plan.

The faster you can recognize the signs that your ex still loves you, the sooner you can get working on repairing your breakup.

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