What Are the Signs My Ex Girlfriend Still Has Feelings?

After a break up, many guys make attempts at winning back an ex girlfriend. Some succeed while others fail, but knowing whether or not your ex still has feelings for you is an important part of the process. If you want to know for sure that she's willing to give things a second chance, you need to look for the signs your ex girlfriend still wants you.

Does She Want You
There will always be signs if she still has feelings

For every break up there's the chance for a reconciliation. A good part of whether or not one happens is up to you. Learning how to get back an ex girlfriend isn't easy, especially if she's the one who dumped you. But even harder sometimes, is trying to identify the signs and signals given off by your ex when she still has feelings for you.

Spotting these signs is important for two reasons. One, it gives you hope - and the encouragement to go on. Winning back your girlfriend can often be a long, patient process, so it's always good to know when your efforts are making progress. The second reason however is more important: if your ex is giving you the green light to go ahead with things, and you don't take it?

Such miscommunication could lead to something as drastic as not getting back together again... even though she may have wanted to.

Below are five of the bigger red flags that your exgirlfriend still wants you:

She Stays In Touch

Just as the no-contact rule is a vital part of the break up process, contact is an important part of getting back together. If your girlfriend has been keeping in touch with you throughout the break, chances are good that she's still interested in pursuing something with you. She might not be fully sold just yet, and she may even be exploring other options. But the fact that she's still contacting you even after she's broken things off is usually an indication that she's not entirely over your relationship.

An even bigger sign? When she's calling you out of the blue. To have her returning your calls and messages is one thing, but when your ex is the person who's initiating the phone calls, emails, and text-messages, it's a tremendous signal of hope for a future relationship. Getting your ex back is always toughest when she won't return your calls... but if she's the one making most of the contact, you're well on the path to dating your ex again.

Your Ex Asks To Meet You

In trying to win your ex back, phone and email contact is a great start. But even better, is when your ex asks to physically see you. Meeting up with your exgirlfriend for the first time after she's ended things can be awkward and strange, but you need to think past those emotions and put on a cool, confident front. Try not to be nervous, and remember that she's the one who asked you to meet. Any time a girl is trying to physically see you rather than talk on the phone, there's an underlying reason for it. Obviously the contact she has with you isn't quite enough - she's looking to meet you so she can give off further signs your girlfriend still wants you. These can include body language, voice inflection, flirting with her eyes... keep a constant lookout for these encouraging signals.

Her Attitude Toward You Suddenly Changes

After the break up, an ex girlfriend can become cold and distant. She might refuse contact, act busy, and use one-word answers in her conversations with you. These are all signs that she's disinterested, at least right then. But when your ex begins turning those things around? It's a definite sign that she's getting warmed up to the idea of having you back in her life again. Any sudden change in her behavior usually indicates that something in her own life has changed, at least something that's changed her viewpoint toward you as a potential mate. Keep an eye open for any rapid adjustments to her attitude toward you, and roll with them when necessary. A complete reversal of her past behavior could be one of the signs your ex girlfriend still wants you... even if it's subconscious, and she doesn't even know about it.

She Begins To Hint About Dating Again

When your ex girlfriend is ready to get back together, she may hint at it to feel you out. She's doing this to make sure she doesn't get let down... it's a way of putting herself out there without really putting herself out there. What she'll often do is kid around about going back out, what you'd do "if you ever" got back together again, etc... etc... These should all be big green flags that she's trying to tell you something, and that something is that she's open to such an invitation. Flirt back with her, and give her the same type of hints. If she's still receptive of them, it's about time to make your move.

Your Exgirlfriend Keeps Asking About Your Love Life

When your ex starts getting in touch with you after the break up, she wants to keep the lines of communication open for a specific reason. Usually that reason is to keep you hanging around, just in case she wishes to change her mind about breaking up with you. Knowing where you are and what you're doing makes her feel safe and comfortable, especially if she knows you still love her and would take her back at a moment's notice.

Those things aren't necessarily an indication that your ex girlfriend is ready to reconcile, but when she starts asking about your current dating status? She definitely has feelings for you that she's trying to keep hidden. Even though she'll make those queries under the guise of "just being friendly", the truth of the matter is that your ex doesn't want you going anywhere... with anyone. This is a big sign that your ex girlfriend still wants you - on some level or another. She might not want you back just now, but she definitely hasn't let go of the idea of dating you again.

If you want to get your girlfriend back you need a step by step plan. You can't approach the task of fixing your break up without knowing what your moves should be, and when you should be making them. A good blueprint for success will always give you a much better chance at winning back your ex than if you just walked up to her and started talking. By learning all you can, and by using the proper techniques and methods that apply to your own break up situation, you can greatly increase the chances that you'll get back together with your ex.

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