Changes YOU Can Make That Will Get Your Ex to Want You Again

Once again, your ex broke up with you for some very specific reasons. No matter what those reasons were, it all boils down to one thing: your relationship was much different toward the end than it was in the beginning.

Make Ex Love You
Making your ex love you again...
It's not half as hard as you might think.

In essence, something changed. It could be one big thing or many small things, but something caused your ex to view the relationship in a much more negative way then when they first got together with you.

And before breaking up with you? Your ex probably sought to fix things. He or she most likely wanted the 'old' relationship back; the one where you both had a great time, there was little to no fighting, and you couldn't wait to be around each other.

These are the golden origins of your romance; the honeymoon phase of your relationship where both of you had the most fun. It was a magical time filled with fun, excitement, new discoveries and sexual adventures. You were nicer to each other, and you treated each other differently. You were more tolerant of shortcomings, and less quick to judge.

Taking your relationship back to this magical time period would be like turning back the hands of a clock. Your boyfriend or girlfriend would fall right back in love with you all over again. And with this early mindset? The two of you could easily work out whatever problems might be plaguing your relationship, fixing them once and for all.

So then the question is simple: how do you take your ex back to that place?

Post-Breakup Adjustments That Will Change How Your Ex Sees You

For starters, you need to change your current behaviors and mindset. This doesn't mean you're "changing" the person that you are to suit your ex boyfriend or girlfriend's needs. But you are reverting back to the original behaviors, words, actions and personality that your ex once fell in love with.

You're making yourself into someone your ex would actually want to have back, rather than keeping things status quo and hoping he or she will somehow miraculously see you differently.

Maintain Your Inner Strength - Physical strength is great. Mental and emotional strength is even better. Remember, your ex isn't looking to date a crying, sobbing, emotional wreck. It's always nicer to date someone who's strong enough to stand on their own, and decisive enough to make their own decisions. The exhibition of inner strength is always an attractive thing, whether you're a man or a woman.

Remain Unfailingly Confident - Few things are sexier and more attractive than confidence. Confident people have their shit together, and are more outgoing and active. These are the types of people - both men and women - who attract others to them, rather than have to initiate the chase themselves. Confidence after the breakup may seem hard to come by, but it's always advantageous to try and swing it. You can be confident, even in the face of being dumped, and confidence will always help you get your ex back.

Show Nothing But Optimism - Naysayers suck, and they're annoying. So are people who always put others down, or have snide remarks to say about every situation. This is why staying optimistic is so important - especially after an ex breaks up with you. If you allow yourself to get bitter and jaded, your ex will see you as someone to avoid. But luckily the opposite is true; keep your chin up, look on the bright side, and remember that the glass is still half full.

Stay Totally Independent - Independence is the opposite of neediness and desperation - two really bad traits when it comes to getting an ex back. When your boyfriend or girlfriend turns to look back over the past, you want them to see you as having completely moved on. You should look cooly confident in everything that you do, depending upon no one but yourself for your own happiness. Which brings us to...

Always Exude Happiness - Everyone loves the happy person: the happy friend, the happy cousin, even the happy drunk. Happiness seems to breed more of the same, and when you're around someone who always seems glad to be there it tends to rub off in every direction. After an unwanted breakup, your ex will be very confused to see you happy. And this is precisely why you should look happier than ever, whenever they're around.

Even if your ex isn't around right now, and you're still in the no contact phase? It's important to nail these changes down. Eventually, these types of personality adjustments won't be adjustments at all - they'll be second nature. And when they are, you'll find yourself in a MUCH better position when it comes to reconnecting and communicating with an ex boyfriend or girlfriend.

And if you're having trouble reconnecting? These communication tips can help you get started on the best ways of getting back in touch with an ex. Just be sure you've followed through with detachment and no contact before attempting any sort of reunion.

Bringing Your Relationship Back To That Original Magic

In getting your ex to miss you, you've already got a powerful weapon: your past history and experience together. By playing upon the good times you shared with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you can implement subtle reminders of just how great a couple you can be.

Rekindle Old Romance
The beginning: learn how to get back there again.

The first step in this process is recreating the person you were when your ex first met you. This entails closing your eyes and really thinking back to when you and your ex first started dating.

Remember how awesome you felt? Remember how you postively reacted around them? Odds are good you probably took your ex for granted in the weeks or months leading up to your breakup, and this may have contributed to them losing interest.

Did you dress better? Look better? Like it or not, physical appearance is another important facet of any relationship. If you're not putting your best foot forward, you can't expect your ex to jump back into the relationship with any level of attraction toward you.

Socially, were you living up to the origins of your relationship? We tend to go out and do lots of great things in the early part of a romance, as each person is trying to impress the other. These things lead to some great memories as you both explore new things and places... but as time goes on, we tend to settle into a more comfortable routine of sticking close to home. Recognize this, so it can be remedied.

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Guys are obviously different from girls when it comes to fixing a breakup. Each gender has it's own uniquely-wired thought process when it comes to what they want in a relationship; the goals men have are often very different than the goals of women.

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