Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Without Tricks or Mind Games

The worst part of attempting to fix a break up is that the ball always starts off in the other person's court. Your ex dumped you, and she's the one holding all the cards. Getting your exgirlfriend back is all about overcoming that initial disadvantage and seizing back power.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back
Making her want you again - the
only true way back into your girlfriend's heart

Until you do that, your ex won't want much to do with you as a potential boyfriend. The following guide will show you the best ways to win back an ex girlfriend... without playing mind games or using any deceptive techniques.

You can't reverse any break up until you understand one thing: you first need to make your ex want you back. Until she misses and needs you again, nothing you can say or do will turn her around.

You could send all the cards, letters, and flowers in the world - none of it will mean anything. So one of the first things you need to do? Take three steps back, drop out of her sight for a while, and give enough room for the break up to finish resolving itself.

Did I just say you should sit back and allow your break up to happen? You bet I did. And you know why? Because your relationship ended the moment your ex decided to break up with you.

Since then, you've probably been fighting the break up - and your ex - the whole time.

How's that worked for you so far? Not so good? Thought so. Which is why you can't continue raging against the end of your relationship. Instead of swinging at the wind, the best thing to do is to let your ex know you not only accept the break up, but you even embrace it. Walk away from it with the knowledge that it's already over, and comfort yourself inwardly with the knowledge that with some time and patience, you're going to get your ex back.

Fixing a break up is actually pretty easy... it's staying together afterward that's kind of hard. Getting back together with someone you love doesn't make much sense if you go about it all the wrong ways... only to end up breaking up again. Before you begin, you need to understand the three main concepts to winning back your girlfriend, and the 4-step process of getting her to want you again. They're easy to grasp, but not always so easy to follow:

Let Your Exgirlfriend Experience Life Without You

This principal is the very first one, and it's also the one most guys get lost on. Refusing all contact with your ex is the one way to make her see what life will be like without you in it. This requires you to turn off your cellphone, stop sending her text messages, and not even answer your ex's emails. Any type of exgirlfriend contact is forbidden. By removing yourself from her life, she gets a great big taste of being all alone. This is what you want.

Give Her Time Alone

Another big mistake most guys make: they think they'll be able to fix their break up pretty quickly. Your ex needs time to herself, and you need to give it to her. This lets her reflect on what the two of you had, and whether or not she really wants to risk losing it. You've already given her space, but by giving her time as well you're letting the end of the relationship really soak in. Not seeing you will make your ex miss you. Over time, she'll start to worry about what you're doing (and who you're doing it with).

Make Her Know She Stands To Lose You Completely

Up until now your ex has been missing talking to you, maybe seeing you, and definitely at least hearing from you in some way. Now's the time to let her realize she's going to lose you forever if she doesn't step up and do something about it. You see, your ex expected to break up with you and g-r-a-d-u-a-l-l-y let go of your relationship. She figured you'd be where you always were - in plain sight. Seeing you still hanging around is what gives your ex the reassurance to continue your break up. But once she loses you all at once? Once she realizes you won't talk to her, write her, or be around her at all? Your ex goes from total contact to nothingness all at once. The pain associated with the suddenness of the situation is what will scare her into reconsidering her decision to end your relationship.

Getting back with your exgirlfriend is all about showing her that you mean business. She needs to realize she can't just have part of you. It's all or nothing, and showing her what she stands to lose is one of the most important aspects of making up with your ex. By forcing her to take a long look at things, your ex may see things a lot differently than she would if she could break up with you slowly, piece-by-piece, over time. Don't allow her that type of comfort in the break up, because when she dumped you? You weren't given that type of comfort at all.

All of the above concepts, when followed correctly, will cause your ex to second-guess your breakup. You can actually speed this process up by going out and having fun without her. Imagine your already-shaken exgirlfriend now seeing you laughing, smiling, and having a great time all by yourself. Not only will she worry that you're moving on without her, she's also going to question whether you needed her as much in the first place. Instead of reveling in the security and comfort of knowing you love her and want her back, she'll start realizing that maybe she misjudged the whole relationship. Watch the penduluum swing in your direction... the ball's in your court now. This is a huge part of making your ex want you again.

And do you know what the greatest part about the whole process is? You've seized control of the situation without having to play any mind games. You didn't trick your ex, or make anything up, or try to make her jealous by hamming it up with other girls. You were honest with both yourself and with her. This is huge, because when you get back together with your girlfriend she'll feel that the decision was entirely hers. This will keep you both together a lot longer than if you had tricked her into coming back using some sort of gameplay or mind techniques.

How to Get Her Back For Good

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